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Invitations to movement, relax muscles, dance and connect with your body and your baby.

Dance teacher and mum Mafê Toledo delivers gentle and uplifting movement classes for any ability, for free! 

Find some time for yourself and your body with these short invitations to movement. Find a space, some loose comfortable clothing and get moving. Start with a 'relax' video, for a problem part of your body and then move on the dance video. You can come back to these again and again!


Meet Mafê, our dance teacher, and find out more about these invitations to movement.


The Relaxing series:

These videos focus on a different part of your body each time. Use these to unlock tension and ease aching muscles before going on to the Dancing series.

Relaxing Shoulders and Arms

Relaxing the feet

Relaxing the hips and pelvis

Dancing Series:

These videos complement the Relaxing videos. Once you've unlocked tension in a part of your body, follow Mafê's simple and expressive dance moves to lift your energy and mood

Dance for the Shoulders and Arms

Dance for the feet

Dance for the hips and pelvis

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