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About us

In 2017, we found ourselves as two new mums who got a bit fed up of only talking about nappies and naps.

We’re Fi and Beth and we set up this group to hold space for people with children of any age to talk about their experiences, challenges, triumphs, and transitions. We’ve found everything about becoming a mum gets easier when we work together. 


We know that becoming a parent can be really challenging, and that there is great power in community. Research shows us that safe spaces to talk about ourselves are really important to our mental health.

We offer a range of different support services, including a welcoming and supportive online community on Facebook, creative projects and courses, social events and in-person meetings at two locations in Reading, Berkshire every month. 

In our meetings we talk about a different topic each month, decided on by the members, and sometimes we invite guest speakers to join us. We have tea and cake, and babies of all ages are welcome and surrounded by toys, friends and helping hands. But this space is all about you.


 Because we believe that no mum should be an island. And wellbeing starts with who we are as individuals. Becoming a mum is life-changing and sometimes difficult - it’s natural to feel overwhelmed by all the love, wonder, tiredness and worry we feel. But adjusting to each new stage – positive, negative, and everything in between - is easier together. For free solidarity, support, or signposting, regardless of your circumstances, Becoming Mums is here for you. 

Join our Facebook community to find out more or email Fi/Beth at [email protected]


National Lottery funded

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