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Meet the team

We are a dedicated team of parents, working and volunteering to make these spaces happen for you, and for us!

Fi McQuay - a part-time photographer and previously a chef, Fi was surprised by feelings of anxiety and stress after her first child was born. “I remember feeling lonely & overwhelmed at what was supposed to be ‘natural’. It was only after I went to a baby friendly theatre show about birth where I realised I wasn't the only one, desperate to talk about how things had changed so dramatically since having a child. Luckily, Beth felt the same and ‘Becoming Mums’ became a reality”.

Beth Allum - an arts producer and artistic director of a dance organisation. “When my son was tiny I struggled to find my place in the world again and I was shocked to find myself surrounded by other mothers and parents who were having a really hard time but seemed to have no support. When Fi came to me wanting to start a conversation about birth experiences, I jumped at the chance to create a safe space for meaningful, facilitated conversation about us and not just our babies.”

Sammy Maggs - an office manager in the entertainment industry and currently working hard as a stay-at-home mum to two energetic boys. “After years of baby and toddler groups, I found myself in desperate need of a group with more focus on the mum, and that's when I discovered Becoming Mums.”

Christelle Madlon - a financial accountant with project management skills. “It was during my maternity leave with my now 16 months old son that I discovered Becoming Mums. After having a hard time as a first time mum when I had my daughter, I knew I needed to find a place where I could openly talk about all the mixed emotions that come with motherhood. Becoming Mums was a hit!.”

L-R  Sammy, Beth, Christelle, Fi 

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