Practical Pampering

Did you find yourself wondering how to ask for the kind of help you really need when you had a new baby? Did you have to rush out for endless supplies of tea bags and biscuits as well meaning friends and family came over to meet your new bundle of joy? But deep down, you wished they'd just leave a lasagne at the door and wave through the window?

The early days are hard, and we want to help make it easier.

To the friends and family of a new parent, use this simple voucher to start a conversation about what practical things you can do to help a family with a new baby (or one who's baby hasn't been new for years! We all need the help sometimes!) Print it off and put it in the congratulations card, or put it through their letterbox. Insist that they choose something, or suggest their own practical support option.

For new parents, if you find it hard to ask for the help you really need, or you are so exhausted you can't even think of what that help might be, this voucher might help start a conversation about ways in which you can spend more time resting and connecting with your baby, and less time worrying about washing up and cooking. You don't have to be struggling to ask for practical help, and you might be surprised by how good it makes your friends or family feel to be able to do something useful for you. Send it round by email to all your family and friends before hand and ask them to do something if they can, perhaps instead of a baby gift (or aswell!) Or, post it on your facebook page, to start a conversation about what might be helpful in the early days.

Download your Practical Pampering voucher HERE!

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