Parenting in a Pandemic

Parenting is tough as it is, but during a pandemic, when services are closed or stretched to breaking, the lifelines that we rely on are unavailable, friends and family are inaccessible, it can be incredibly hard. It can also have some unexpected benefits, or moments of discovery.

With huge thanks to the National Lottery for a grant, we are talking about all things parenting, in a pandemic, with a host of guests and experts sharing their experiences.

We hope you find some solidarity, and some laughs here! We certainly did.

Episode 1 - Opening your Mother Box

Welcome to Parenting in a Pandemic - our first podcast and an introduction to Becoming Mums, the support group, to Liz and Fi, it's founders and to the issues we will be exploring!

Episode 2 - Everlasting February and Crinoline

Ever looked out of your window and thought about all the other parents in their houses, going through exactly what you are? Join us to talk about connections, baby classes, tribalism and how the pandemic has impacted.

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