Here you'll find a list of our upcoming group meetings (free), workshops & social events. No registration required for monthly sessions. Each session covers a different subject, chosen by you but participation is completely optional.

** Please note our new group meetings will take place at Fairview Community Centre from June 2022 onwards. **

Our monthly group meets take place at Fairview Community Centre, Great Knollys Street, Reading, RG1 7HL. There is free parking directly outside the building for 2 hours and is 10 minutes walk from Reading Train Station or the town centre.

The facilities have ample space for pushchairs, wheelchair access, toilets & baby change facilities and we offer free tea, coffee & cake for all of our attendees. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that severe allergies can be catered for as we do not own the building and other meeting rooms may be occupied. All of our cakes contain milk/nuts/wheat/eggs. Vegan cakes can be provided on request. Please bring your own food for babies/children.

We can offer a travel subsidy, so if this is something you require, please email us at [email protected] for more information. All communications are confidential.

Masks and hand sanitiser are provided for those who feel more comfortable. Masks not required to be worn.

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We are having our very first exhibition of works at South Street Arts Centre on Thursday 27th October to celebrate our 5th birthday at Becoming Mums! Come and join us at South Street Arts centre from 2 - 6pm for a free art exhibition, talks, craft activities and more for you and your child(ren), to celebrate making the stories of motherhood more visible. Then, in the evening, buy a ticket to come and have a laugh with us!

Your ticket includes incredible Ethiopian food, music from the amazing Jewels Vass, and comedy from Hatty Ashdown, Olivia Lee & Athena Kugblenu - it's going to be a fantastic night! 6pm - 10pm October 27th South Street Arts Centre, South St, Reading, (babes in arms welcome).

If you have anything you’d like us to display, please get in touch - we’d love to see it. Whether it's a picture, a journal, a photo, something you own, a poem, a song - we want to see how Motherhood feels to you. See below for our next group that will be focussing on creating something that represents the Visible Mother.

Buy your tickets here :

Vm Exhibition
Vm Evening


06/10/21 - 17/11/22 (6 WEEK COURSE)

Creative journaling helps restore balance & encourage reflection around challenges we

might experience, both physically and emotionally, through pregnancy, birth and new parenthood.

Online workshop only, materials provided.

Please email for more details.

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11/01/22 - 15/02/22 (6 WEEK COURSE)

Using simple, creative sewing techniques to explore motherhood. With reclaimed fabrics,

mending, conversation and memories, we will share our stories & identities in a friendly

and supportive group.

Please email for more details.

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Across three sessions at local schools in May and then at @readingcouncil Water Fest on Sat 4th June in Forbury Gardens, we will create a huge, beautiful quilt made up of the fabrics and hard work of mothers from all across our town. Come along to Water Fest (Saturday 4th June, 11-5), bring along a scrap of fabric, an old muslin, or something that's important to you and your motherhood journey, to contribute to the quilt, share your stories and experiences of motherhood.

But more importantly, it is through our connection, our shared experience, our love and our grief, our stories and our journeys that we can mend together and understand that we all share something - even if it’s small and cultures apart, our love. And how it drives us to learn and to listen and to understand.

As mothers, we need a village and whilst we, at Becoming Mums directly support mothers, we see the others too. The strains in family, the separations of families, the step-parents and children, the families grieving and uniting, the friends who support at 2am, the partners who listen, the in-laws that do the school-run. We see you all. We strive to support all those nuances and relationships too because it is through those connections that relationships are unified and strengthened.

We hope that our conversations in our sessions encourage conversations in your worlds.

We hope to see as many of us as would like to join us at Water Fest on 4th June. Bring your fabrics and we’ll help each other mend. Please email us for more details.

With thanks to @readingcouncil, @kate_powell_textiles & @thejellyreading.

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With thanks to The Earley Charity we are running a 2-hour lino print workshop for anyone who wants to have a go at reconnecting with nature and their own creativity.

We will be working with Katie at Squirrel Ink who will help us create pieces from the outdoors that we can keep forever. Childcare and lunch provided.

Wednesday 13th July, Watlington House Reading, 9.30-12.30

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THURSDAY 10TH MARCH, 10-12 PM : Welcome

Welcome back! After a two year Covid break, we are resuming monthly meetings. New and existing members welcome, no registration required.


It's the topic that keeps to speak!

We're often asked about this one - the change in libido, the loss of, the desire to & the desire not to, how to manage it alongside sleep deprivation, couple strains, work and everything else.

How has it changed for you? Or has it stayed the same? Has it changed the dynamics in your relationships - brought you closer or created a distance? Is what you wanted then the same as what you want now?

This week we'll chat about everything sex related - but don't worry, don't feel the need to chime in if you don't want to! This space is for you to listen and contribute with what you are comfortable with. As usual there will be cake and refreshments, an area for the little ones and plenty of discussion.

THURSDAY 5TH MAY, 10-12 PM, Identity : Who am I?

This month we're talking about you, and us! Who we were, who we are now, who we want to be. Becoming a parent changes so much, and it's easy to lose yourself and your sense of self in amongst the nappies and baby groups and sleep schedules. Let's talk about how we find ourselves, how we get to know the new us, how to keep hold of the parts of ourselves that are important and what all this means for how we connect to others.

As usual, these sessions are open to everyone no matter what your stage in the parent journey. Your children are welcome if they are with you, but you are welcome to come without them too!

Coffee, tea and cake on tap, toys for babies. There is no parking at RISC, the closest car parks are Queens Rd and the Oracle car parks, or metered parking on the street.

The venue is fully accessible, but if you have any specific access requirements, or need help with transport please get in touch, we can help!


THURSDAY 9TH JUNE, 10-12 PM, Birth

It started with birth - or did it? What were you pre-conceptions going into birth, did you have a birth plan, did it go as expected, how do you feel now? Birth is deeply personal, it can be everything you wanted and it can cause anxiety and PTSD - where do you find yourself and how it affected you and your baby? Come together to talk about all of it, the good, the bad the ugly.

As usual, these sessions are open to everyone no matter what your stage in the parent journey. Your children are welcome if they are with you, but you are welcome to come without them too!

Coffee, tea and cake on tap, toys for babies. Please see above for change of location, there is now parking available for free for 2 hours outside of the venue. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to drop us a message.

The venue is fully accessible, but if you have any specific access requirements, or need help with transport please get in touch, we can help!


Invisible Labour - the work that we do to manage the household, remember all the jobs, buy the suncream before it gets hot, send Christmas cards to the in laws, restock loo roll before you end up using a Peppa Pig activity book... this is the mental load, that often women or primary care givers carry, that can often be unequal in a household and cause a lot of stress. Are you delegating jobs to your partner, are they waiting for you to tell them what needs to be done? Do you have a fantastic system with your partner that means you share the domestic labour and mental load? Come along on Thursday and chat about it, rant about, offer solutions, commiserations and have a laugh!

As usual, tea, coffee and cake are on tap and there are toys and activities for your child(ren) who are welcome to join you, or not!
Whatever kind of mother you are, however you identify, wherever you are in your journey, come and be part of the conversation.


This month we are talking about relationships: with partners, family, in laws, friends. How have they changed since we became parents, who have we lost and gained along the way? Are we different and don't feel like we fit in to our old circles anymore? Are we suddenly in conflict with the in laws, struggling with setting boundaries or having boundaries respected? Are there a whole load of new conflicts in our intimate relationships? or are we finding strength and solidarity in our new roles?
whatever your experience, come along and listen, share and meet others.

As always, tea, coffee and cake will keep us going, and there are toys and activities for your kids if you want to bring them. This group is for you, whatever kind of mother, at whatever stage in your journey.
Fairview is a community hall directly outside Civitas Academy on Great Knollys Street. There is some on street parking for 2 hours, or we are a short walk from the train station and the car parks there.


Stuck in traffic with the kids crying and fighting. Listening to your slightly racist elderly uncle mainsplain Brexit to you over yet another dinner that the kids refuse to eat. Delayed flights, stomach bugs, tents that leak, 3855 bags all filled with unnecessary plastic toys. Or maybe the summer has felt lonely, empty, difficult. Maybe you're facing it alone for the first time, or you're not able to see family. Maybe you weren't able to do what you wanted this year, worried about money or resources. Maybe looking at everyone else's holiday photos on social media left you feeling like you're the only one not doing something fun.

Maybe you just spend all your time looking after everyone else and feel more burnt out than when you started. Whatever your holiday stress, thoughts, feelings or even holiday hacks and tips, come and share it in a safe, non-judgemental space, with coffee and cake and toys for your kids.
We meet at Fairview Community Centre, Great Knollys Street, right outside Civitas Academy. There are some on street parking spots free for two hours, or we are a short walk from the town centre and the car parks there.

Everyone is welcome, whatever stage in your parenthood journey, however you identify, whether you want to talk or just listen, this is your space.
If you need any help getting there, bus fare or support, please ask us. And any questions at all, always get in touch [email protected]


Exciting news! We are launching our ‘Visible Mother’ series! We want your stories, poems, photos, memories, artwork ANYTHING that represents you as a person, a mother, a human being that is both a parent and not.

We are having our very first exhibition of works at South Street Arts Centre on Thursday 27th October and would love to display it all! More info about this soon, it’ll be a joyous occasion throughout the day and evening and we’ll let you know once we’ve sorted the details.

Our next monthly group will centre around this theme with a creative workshop, exploring the idea of identity: who we were, who we are and who we’ve always been.

If you have anything you’d like us to display, please get in touch - we’d love to see it.

For now... we’d love your thoughts on what it means to be ‘Visible’. How much of Motherhood goes unseen? Do you wish things were different? Are you happy with how Mothers are viewed? Would you change anything?! Do you celebrate what it means to be a Mother or celebrate others who inspire you?

Kick off the series of Visible Mother with your comments! We want them all!!!

Google Forms link if you’d prefer to be anonymous!


Coping, or not, let's talk about the strategies we use to get through, the healthy ones, friends, exercise, talking, yoga, or more likely, the unhealthy ones, wine, food, social media scrolling, online shopping, and more serious mechanisms. How can we develop strategies to deal with difficult times, and break unhealthy habits and replace them with healthier ones? How can we put down the guilt we might feel about the unhealthy ones and accept that we're just doing whatever it takes to get through the day?

Come and chat about it all, in a safe, non judgemental space, with others going through what you are.

Your children are welcome and catered for with toys and activities. And there's tea and coffee and cake for you.

Some on street parking is available right outside the venue and we're a short walk from the town centre and train station.

As ever, if you need any financial help to be able to get to the meeting, please let us know, we can help you.

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