10th June 19

We bare all..

Sometimes our sessions don't need explanations.

  • I am jealous of my husband when he gets to leave for work.
  • When people who don’t have kids moan about being tired, I imagine horrible things happening to them.
  • I let my child watch far too much TV because I am exhausted and can't be bothered to fight with him.
  • Once I yelled so loudly at my child that I thought I was going to lose control and do something awful. I didnt, but I nearly did.
  • I tell my partner off for doing the things that I secretly do.
  • I've become way less able to keep my cool recently, like getting really angry towards the end of the day.
  • I let my child steal toys from playgroups because I cant be arsed to deal with the tantrums.
  • I dont want a second child.
  • I'm afraid to have another baby.
  • I sometimes wish I hadn’t breastfed my child. It's so hard and I’m sick of being the only one who can comfort him.
  • Went out the other day, left the front door wide open. Didn’t realise until I got home, 3 hours later.
  • Cereal for toddlers dinner.
  • I used to lie about how much she slept.
  • I use snacks as bribes constantly.
  • Driving from Woodley to Asda in lower early to maidenhead to stokenchurch just to get some peace.
  • I pretend my baby is feeding for longer than she is, to have quiet time whilst hubby entertains our toddler.
  • I feel ashamed of how much I struggled when my baby was tiny.
  • Sometimes I fantasise about just leaving.
  • Never telling my husband when my baby fell off the bed and letting. him think he was the first one when it happened to him
  • I over use the dummy.
  • Driving to Beale Park - both kids asleep - drove around for a bit, came home.
  • I feel guilty that I don’t feel guilty when I leave him with someone else.
  • I sometimes think my baby looks weird.
  • Sometimes I both hate and love my kids at the same time.
  • Sticking the dishwasher on 3/4 empty as I couldn’t be bothered to do the washing up.
  • Sometimes I wish I still worked full time.
  • I wanted to go back to work 2 weeks after he was born.
  • Sometimes I pretend I have a meeting late but I really just sit and watch TV on my phone for an hour.
  • I am so angry about the expectations and stereotype behaviours put on me after I became a mum. I just want to burn down the patriarchal system that suppress me.
  • I really dislike him when he wakes me up in the night.
  • I get awful night rage and say terrible things to my partner. I don’t even feel that bad about it.
  • My child once vomited on my friends really expensive Liberty scarf and I never told her. Actually, she then went to meet her new boyfriend and probably smelled of sick but I was annoyed because she didn’t have children.
  • I pretend that I’ve made plans so I don’t have to spend time with my partners family.
  • I feel like a fraud.
  • I left a lunchbox of food in the car for ages. It was so disgusting I just threw the whole thing away.
  • Sometimes I mess my hair up that extra bit before my partner comes home to exaggerate how stressed and tired I am.
  • If my clothes are covered in snot and food, I just scratch it off and go out anyway.
  • Being a mum is boring.
  • I miss just being alone with my first child. I end up dragging her around by her reins to keep the newborn moving.
  • I once licked my daughters face clean because I didn’t have any wet wipes.

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